My prior post was about beliefs and how you are taught to fit into society because of these beliefs. Now I’m going to dive into why these beliefs make you integrate into the society and therefore lose your “natural self”.

So first of all there are a few beliefs that everybody has, otherwise there wouldn’t be a society. The most basic belief that people have is that they’re an entity in a world. Obviously nobody can disagree on that, but you can’t prove it, since the only way to prove it would be through the belief itself, that’s why this is a belief and not a reality, and since you have this belief, you will attribute certain labels to yourself that people throw at you.

As an example think of all the adjectives your family used to describe you when you were younger. Maybe smart or tall or handsome, maybe strong. Whatever it is, it’s usually something positive. Therefore you have built a certain image of yourself that accompanies you throughout your life, and every time somebody calls you the opposite, you start to defend yourself. The typical fight or flight response that is channeled. Some people may have also had negative things attributed to them and those are usually the people, that either defend their few positive attributes a lot, or the people that get hurt really easily and fall into depression or other self-destructive behaviour if they cannot defend themselves well enough.

By this example you can see how the so-called “ego” acts as a defense mechanism, because you were taught to fit into society, and if you were taught that you’re like this and you’re like that, you get the feeling that you’re a lot more important than the other members of society and therefore defend that degree of importance. If somebody tells you you’re not all those positive things you think you are, you feel threatened and your ego defends you.

Your beliefs can alter reality more than you think. Whatever you believe sort of becomes your reality, but you cannot fit into this societal framework, because you weren’t designed to do so. Therefore you will find yourself sturggling in some part and that’s usually what you call “a problem”. Now if you try solving this problem by coming up with solutions, all you do is throw all your beliefs you’ve gathered into the same bowl and make a big mess. It will not ever solve the problem it will only make it worse. Same thing goes for questions. If you question you just use beliefs that you already have to help you find out the solution for this current problem. There is no way to solve the problem, because it is not a problem at all. This seeking to solve the problem itself is the thing that is keeping you in this vicious cycle. You are here to survive and reproduce and that’s it.

The conclusion is: If you try to attach, change or ignore anything that reality is offering you in the present moment, you will end up destroying yourself by delusion. There is no need for answers, therefore no need for questions and therefore no need for solutions and finally no need for problems. And be careful, do not try to stop yourself from changing reality because that itself is a solution you’re addressing to a problem, which is that you’re not doing the right thing, you need to change something. Don’t replace illusions with illusions, just get rid of everything and that’s it.

Nothing more, nothing less…




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