Believe it or not, “Beliefs” play a huge role in our lives. Over the past months I’ve become more aware of how people pick up beliefs unconsciously and use them in many situations. When in those situations, what I’ve noticed is that they very quickly grasp after their beliefs, because those are the things that are “set in stone” in their brains. They know that their beliefs are “right”, because otherwise they wouldn’t be beliefs, but information that they’ve gathered. But since they’re beliefs they quickly pull them out without thinking twice and if arguing with a person , you have a chance of making the person pull out one of his very beloved beliefs that he is emotionally bonded with, and then the person starts throwing out emotions instead of facts.

People usually bond with their beliefs stronger every time they encounter a situation where that specific belief is triggered. But beliefs that don’t seem logical, but rather emotional can also be because of certain emotional situations that the person has experienced. The most beliefs are created in our childhood so having an emotional mother can also be the cause of having “emotional beliefs”.

It’s very dangerous to learn because anything that you learn stays with you and you could end up learning the wrong things. You might think that you can always be rational before adopting a belief, so that would mean you’d only believe it if it fits to your current framework. But the problem here is that the framework you have is also a belief that you’ve learned at a very young age. Some say that you are born with a certain tool called “logic”, that helps you in that case, but in my opinion that’s something you learn to use.

This might seem like an outrageous statement, but honestly no belief is “right” since even the very basic meaning of “right” is something you learn. There is no right or wrong and good or bad. You learn to put all these labels so that you can function in modern society, but you don’t need any of them. Anything you have learned in your lifetime has only helped you to “fit in”. When you look at a tree you don’t just look at it, you already label it with all the information you have, because you were taught all these things. But really, you don’t know what you’re looking at, and if you ever get to experience a moment of complete silence in your mind and are able to just look at the tree and that’s it, you might even get a scary feeling. That feeling is there because you have always known something about the world. Even if you stumble upon something new you can at least identify the material, structure of it or whatever. But if you get to silence your mind and just look, you come to find that you know nothing at all. It can be very scary but at the same time very beautiful.

As Socrates said “I know one thing; that I know nothing”.


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